Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Steven Erikson - The Bonehunters

Well again, reading Erikson in english is not the easiest task. I still have a big problem with the author jumping from one character to another in the same chapters and with my memory I barely remember the most complicated names (and there are tons). It took me a while to get into the story actually, mostly clinging to the characters I do know. Again most characters are fairly simple, they keep their main traits. The funny thing about Erikson's books is that he uses "deus ex machina" quite often. In most books this is used as a way to save a character and looks cheesy, here it's almost used all the time because the gods are meddling in human affairs all the time. So if you do not get everything it's normal (well lots of archs are spread through several books and some time not mentionned at all in an intermediate one). I did like the bonehunters though, mostly because it had two main archs that helped renew the interest half way through. Also because you have a lot of characters brought together. The ending of the book is a bit rushed (on a 1200 page book it's a bit of a shame) and sometimes you wish you knew more but with Erikson you are allowed to hope that you'll get an answer sometime eventually. The serie however is clearly made for a second reading and I'll come to that one day I guess. Although it helps bring the role playing game feeling the amount of complicate names for the same thing is usually more puzzling than a plus but you do with it. Erikson still is epic and that can not be denied, it's definitely a big adventure and I like that. He also touches some interesting subjects about gods and worship in this book like: what if doing something in the name of the god that goes against the gods "rules" might/would/could weaken the god and it might actually die, like who betrays whom followers or the god, like the reason for the belief in a paradise, for it it's interesting, it's an adventure and a good book although the wrapping is sometimes a bit sour.

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