Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I usually don't post much about movies, firstly because there are much more crappy ones than good ones and secondly because there is little point in posting about what everyone likes already (or knows about).
However there was a few movies I did like (Crows Zero, 13 Assassins, Super 8,...) I feel like Drive deserves a little post.

First and foremost because it makes me think of Monsters. Not only in the atmosphear of the movie but also because the Title has not much to do with the movie. "Monsters" is not a monster movie and when you see Drive trailer you expect some action car chase movies well it's not. Of course there is a little bit of that (just like in Monsters we do see Monsters once in a while) but it's all about people and atmosphear.

I don't especially like the scenario but it's no big deal, I like the realism of what is conveyed by the movie. One another good point about Drive is the music. It fits.

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