Monday, April 4, 2011

Steven Erikson - Midnight Tides

So here we continue on the main serie of the Malazan book of the fallen. Except that it's not about Malazan's. To be honest that buggs me quite a lot. The serie is great, the book is good, it's in the same world but it doesn't fit the serie. (or let's say I'd have prefered it to be on a separate line).
Basically we follow a character we have read about "Trull Sengar" and that seems to be enough of an excuse. Oh well so be it.
So Trull who this time isn't as frightened and weak is in fact not a character I enjoyed following much but there have been other characters in the book that are worth the read. Mostly Tehol and his servant in fact, there it shows how good a writer Erikson is. He really manages now to inspire very different characters that could be writen by someone else but aren't. Very impressive.
Aside of the span of the book taking place elsewhere (or somewhere else), I found the society depicted a bit too shallow, not believable enough, not dirty enough.
It's a worty read still just not as good as the former ones

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