Monday, April 4, 2011

Ian C. Esslemont - Night of Knives

The same universe as Erikson's as it was co-created by both authors. However Night of Knives is different, first it's betterly organised than Erikson's book and I won't spit on that for sure. Also it's shorter, much shorter, both in number of pages and in span (the events take place over one night mostly).

But it's alas a bit underwhelming and after a while (done the book for quite some time now) I think I'd have prefered not to have read it. Not because it's bad but because it tells the story of an event we have heard about quite often in Erikson's books without knowing what happened. And most of us had the time to imagine it differently. In a more epic way, gritty. Not going to spoil it, some might like it anyway but I was expecting something else. Also the shorter span of the story stops Mr Esslement to make his characters shines (though he has a couple good one there too) and due to my lacking english skills some events simply slipped through me (Also the vocabulary is a bit more elaborated than Erikson hence more difficult for me to comprehend sometimes). However it's hard to judge the author for that first glimpse into the same universe with different eyes. It's just not as mandatory to go through the book than I thought it was (at least so far).

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