Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Steven Erikson - Reaper's Gale

Erikson is getting better at his craft. There isn't as many slow moments in this volume, the characters have a more specific personnality (which is partially tied to us dealing with recurring characters this time around) many stories reach an end (not all thankfully). And the author is trying to give a picture of men and their society which chime's true (despite being quite obvious and not very indepth, it's a good change). Some stories are boring others are epic, the book jumps from one leg to another but is clearly one of the good book of the serie nonetheless.
(mild spoiler) It was not easy after the former book to jump to another continent with different stakes, Erikson managed it. Some of his characters were nicely constructed and quite fun (if still a bit shallow, characters do not evolve in Erikson's stories) mostly thinking about Tehol Bedict.
Erikson stays on the top list of current fantasy authors but he still lack the capacity to make his characters humans (unlike R. Scott Bakker) but it's something that can happen when gods walk among men.

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