Sunday, February 20, 2011

Steven Erikson - House of Chains

Again overcoming the difficulties of reading in english for this serie. It's worth it though. I have the same criticism against Erikson as I always have, the structure of his book is sometimes puzzling, jumping from one paragraph to another and switching character, area, everything sometimes. Requires to read back a page once you have understood who the author is talking about. Slows down the reading but doesn't stop you from enjoying the scheme of things, which is big. Especially that this books is important, bringing together characters that appeared in the 3 former books. Of course with my memory it's sometimes really difficult for me to remember what happened before but I can live with it. So House of Chain, even though not as gripping as the former installment, has that tense atmosphear that makes you want to read and read. Some characters have less space than they deserve but the book is already big as is. Lots of questions stays unanswered but the serie isn't over.
A quite pleasant reading and I'll have to reread the first two books that I didn't really enjoy to see if it was maybe not due to the french translation because right now I confirm Erikson being in my top 3 of fantasy authors (just after martin and bakker) and he is figthing well to climb.

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