Friday, October 23, 2009

Big Bang Theory - The triumph of Jim Parsons

20 minutes sitcom episodes, recorded laughs. Everything I usually hate. And though...

I don't remember laughing as much with a serie. Simply put, I never did. Every single episodes had me bursting out laughing or at least seriously grinning. The actors are playing well and Jim Parsons is simply wonderful. He manages to look uptight without looking gay, to look asocial and yet totally cheering, to look playful and terribly serious. He caries the show on his shoulders even though other actors are good too (special mention to Simon Helberg too)

Season 1 allows you to discover the characters and if there is no real surprise to be had it's just about fun really. What is good is that most of what they talk about is real and serious but put in a way that makes things look funny. Lots of sarcasms, taunts, hints, absurd humor.
Season 2 is even better even though it calms down at the end. Haven't really seen enough of Season 3 to have an opinion yet.

So what to say? Watch it really. If you ever had a geek side in you.

Grade: 90%

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